Rock house sliders


it was a tiny LOUD slider. and we did magic over 3 years ! from rock events to inappropriate billboards. this rebellious lil thing and i had a good run.

i was the art director, event manager, pr , managed the instagram,,,,and the slider's bitch who did anything and everything like it was my own company. simply because i was given the space and freedom "" with plenty of a budget "" to go nuts !! 

i created concepts, events and studies.

let's take a walk down memory lane.

Summer campaign, i was going on vacation, and still i had to make my campaign of the month ,,,,, and there it was ! 

It's about the size,,,

Here comes the moon !

i mean cm'on EVERY RAMADAN EVERY BRAND SLAMS a crescent ,,, stars or a lantern ,,,, BAM 

ramadan ad done .... so .... here is exactly what you're expecting .... a typical ramadan ad.

so we just stated the obvious on a billboard !

also had some shakes to talk about ,,,, under the crescent. 

In RHS i handled all visual material ,,, in terms of design. but i also did the pr of booking magazines and doing the editorial part ! 

also did the video concepts ,and hiring of what ever talent needed ,,, 

watch the video !

i used to walk into the office singing ,,,, AMmmaaaaa slaaaaaave for you !! 



So the RnD team brings us this seriously not ok hot , hot slider to market ! 

and the primal brain thinks , fire, fire extinguisher, firemen, magic mike ,,,,, .

ok hold up ! 

NO,,, let's just state the obvious, which obviously i do a lot . 

Don't buy this,,,, thats what i came up with ,,

i was still payed that month 

i work for marketing and my campaign was DON'T BUY THIS !

it worked ,,, it was one of our best campaigns. 

In this campaign i worked most on copy,,, and color. and ,,, ya thats it. 

so read through ,,,, 

The double slider

The whole burger thing , double burger ,,, American 80s kinda thing vibe or at least i felt like it is ,,,, and so ,,, this campaign happened , i did the illustrations of the cool sliders on my ipad . coz we are cool like that .

We did a lot of cool things RHS and i , i was blessed with a good team and a very cool ceo. 

the brand was my bf !

there is a lot i didn't share but its getting late. and i have an actual bf now.


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