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Community table

i had to open this project with me stuffing my face with food. THAT actually was the deal.

it is very hard to resist the art of the local kuwaiti chef Firas al zaid. and the lovely DJ Farah Bishara.

i will use their own bio to describe them:

Since 2013, we've hosted our "pop-up" menus and workshops in top restaurants and cultural landmarks around Kuwait. Our themes and topics range from ingredient based exposes, region-specific cuisines, seasonal harvests and more. "Welcome to the Community Table, make yourself at home."




The art work i created was for the Isfahan concept. looking at Persian art i was really hooked on the hands ! they draw them so neat and slim! they also use pomegranate and figs as decorative elements which also happened to be ingredients of the menu i was designing !

the art and the food went together well!

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