Project#1 Ricardo

Here is our first assignment of Artblock. To kickstart things, we chose one of our favourtite artists. he is modern, made a great brand of his art, he is the perfect guide for an aspiring artist !

Ricardo Cavolo !


In each and every art work of Ricardo's there is a story, a deeper meaning and a great concept. what the artist needs to do is

1- Pick the post you would like to recreate.

2- write the concept of it " aside "

3- pick a person "yourself / fellow artist/ a celeb."

4- recreate the artwork in your style keeping

Ricardo's eyes and concept

the figure chosen

5- share your work with the group and agree on a caption

6- make sure to mention @ricardocavolo and the person you drew.

Take notes of what you are learning through the process and share it later with artblock

#artblock #artblock02


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