Project #2 ART HISTORY

Taking you back into history with this project! 

Project #2 is all about research! learning to study art history; the painters and their paintings.

What you need to do is:

  • Pick a School of art you are interested in researching.

  • Then pick an artist from the school of art and read about his/her life.

  • Pick one art piece by the artist you have chosen and read about the concept, process, materials, etc

  • eventually are required to prepare a brief presentation between 5-7 minutes, in which you talk about the artist life briefly and the painting you have chosen.

Deadline: 25th of January 2019

Note: feel free to get creative with the way you wish to present as long as it is within the timeframe given and includes all the elements required.

here is a short 3 minute video to take you through the evolution of art.


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